Day 38-40: Village Development, Zhongshan, China

An exciting San Kai Village development in the outskirts of Shiqi caught me by surprise. The village with unknown entitlements is being developed by private investors as a restaurant and nightlife district. Old vs. new are blended together effectively, with integrated interiors and architectural detail. Lush landscaped courtyards and paths complete the environmental experience. Like most of Southern China, if you put a stick in the ground, it will sprout roots and grow. It’s the tropical world of orchids and passion fruit.

I’ll keep my comments short so you can enjoy the visual beauty of this excellent synthesis of planning, architecture, and interior design.


Here’s a bonus gallery of dinner specialties last night, and the roadside fruit stand:


2 thoughts on “Day 38-40: Village Development, Zhongshan, China”

  1. Vicky, Ken and I visited Zhongshan the first year we lived in China. We liked it quite a bit, with yaks wandering around, a fairly interesting downtown area, and a mostly rebuilt uncomfortable monastery. What a trip you’re on.


    1. Ruth, this is the area you visited with my relatives and us in 2010. It has changed dramatically in less than 10 years, with the best villages preserved. I was glad to see these developments taking place and being repurposed primarily for local tourists. Zhongshan has won many national awards for livability. It’s barely recognizable since we were there and the travel is much easier—about 1.25 hours to Guangzhou.


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