“World” Travels (2021)

The Pandemic Diary (January-May 2021)

Everyone remembers 2020 as a year severely interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Waves of the disruption and hardship continued through much of 2021. The pandemic was so disorienting that I didn’t post any plans or activities for the entire year.

Warriors Practicing on the Beach at Papamoa

Despite the seriousness and severity of the pandemic, we spent the first four months in New Zealand. I met my first grandchild there, joined by the entire family, and traveled from the North to the South Island. The New Zealand culture and its people in the Southern Hemisphere offered many refreshing comparisons and contrasts to ours in America.

We arrived in New Zealand at the end of 2020. Clearly we would not have traveled anywhere but to New Zealand during that time. Special circumstances and NZ citizenship among family members enabled us to go there together. The Pandemic Diary documents 26 weeks during the Pandemic and traces our journey to Tauranga, Ohakune, Wellington, and Christchurch.

Constructive Traveling (August-December 2021)

The second half of my year’s “travels” concentrates on construction of our home addition in San Francisco. Referred to as an ADU, or accessory dwelling unit, the project allows us to achieve three goals: to develop multi-generational housing, to enable aging in one’s home, and to provide a rental housing option. “Constructive Travels” is a series devoted to the journey of three architects and a baby living in our home in situ during construction at the site. Dear little Felix is featured as he chronicles the physical development from his perch from the dining room window.

In case you missed any posts, click on each month of January through May 2021 for the Pandemic Diary from New Zealand and August through December 2021 for Constructive Travels. I hope you were able to enjoy the diversion and gain momentary relief from the weariness of the Pandemic during this time.

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