Day 14: Trekkin’ from Trier (to Dresden)

Photos above showing steep terrain of Mosel Valley taken from inside of train (white spots are reflections)

A full day of trains and transfers occupied us initially from Trier train station through the beautiful, vineyard-laden Mosel Valley. The terroir is obviously full of character and struggles, with rows of vines carefully oriented to capture the sun. It was incomprehensible how the very steep rows prevented erosion between the vines; some plants clung vicariously in lone stems at the tip of ancient stone walls and look very tired and agonized. We tried a number of Rieslings and White Burgundies at the Olewig Wine Festival and attested to the very delicious and flavorful variations produced in this area. We progressed from Koblenz to Mainz, then Leipzig, then to our final destination in Dresden at the end of a trainful day.

We ended up at my favorite accommodations at the Aparthotel Neumarkt, a stone’s throw from the famous Frauenkirche Church that was bombed in WWII and completely rebuilt with help from the British. The apartment is fully equipped and is very reasonable. My pick and recommendation for anyone coming to Dresden for a visit.

Photos below show Aparthotel Living, Kitchen, and Separate Dining areas



2 thoughts on “Day 14: Trekkin’ from Trier (to Dresden)”

    1. Especially returning to Dresden, with the simpler and kinder way of life. The buses and trams got us around everywhere. In Trier, we were able to take the bus back and forth to a wine festival about 15 minutes outside the city. No having to drive after wine tasting! We were able to try the reknown Rieslings of the Moselle Valley, which is a beautiful area tucked between steep hills that you see in the train photos. The nicest views were from Trier to Koblenz.


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