Day 15: Getting Settled in Dresden

The Goethe Institute is located two tram stops from my designated guesthouse in the Neustadt district of Dresden. After I got my key to the “dorm”, the shock set in: possibility of no Internet. Doing without Internet access is non-negotiable in my mind (especially with my expectations of staying in touch through my blog)!

After numerous inquiries about how to get it and not getting any results, I decided to let it go, for awhile at least. I completed the orientation by attending a cultural events and activities session and duly paying my deposit for the room. I also met with an instructor who interviewed me for placement in the appropriate class level.

The activities offered by the GI were extensive, including dining out with other students to practice German, city and museum tours, and day-long excursions to nearby cities.

Photos below: views of dorm room, in former Russian military quarters.




2 thoughts on “Day 15: Getting Settled in Dresden”

    1. It has three big windows and faces north to keep the heat gain minimal. The weather has been hot and humid, so this arrangement has worked great. I have everything I need including cooking facilities, and one of every item! No waste, and extremely well thought out.


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