Day 9: Musee du Monde Arabe (Paris)


This is one of the few places in the Western World where I have seen a museum devoted to the Arab World. Despite there being limited English text, the museum is worth visiting due to reminders that math and science are largely attributed to Arab inventions and discoveries.

Treasured silk was traded from Asia used to convert into garments and fabrics. The beautiful draped clothing takes advantage of the light that casts iridescent hues, and the geometric patterns found in many carpets and tapestries are reflective of the mathematical mind that developed in the Arab World. Other decorative patterns come from foliage and nature and often are in symmetrical, orderly arrangements.

One of my pursuits for this trip is to connect the dots between Western and Eastern cultures. The Arab World as well as Persia played a huge part in bridging this gap through trade and education.

Photos, clockwise:

1. Detail of aperture on the facade of the museum.  Apertures are purported to adjust to the exterior light conditions but did not appear to have any consistency..

2. Intricate  woven garment

3. Chest with geometric and foliate patterns

4.  Carpet with geometric patterns

2 thoughts on “Day 9: Musee du Monde Arabe (Paris)”

  1. Beautiful. I would love to see in person. Interestingly, the black and white one is my favorite although I imagine in person and with light, that would change.


    1. The design is actually created on the exterior of the building using thousands of moving mechanical pieces similar to those on a camera lens. The pieces adjust to the amount of sunlight on the facade. However, each lens was not consistent. I suspect that the lenses were not operating or connected to a control system.


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