Day 8: Nous Sommes Arrives! (Paris)

Are we in Foodie Heaven or what?!?

We are in good hands with Aziza pastry chef and daughter Melissa, who joined us in Paris after her stint in Ghent. She selected the shops and restaurants and got us to some of the best that Paris has to offer.

Photos from top down:

1. and 2. Counter shots of Patisserie near Septime
3. and 4. Two plates from Lunch at Septime–sublime!
5. and 6. First and Second Courses of Tasting Menu at Roseval, Paris

4 thoughts on “Day 8: Nous Sommes Arrives! (Paris)”

    1. The pastry in the second shot looks fairly easy to make. It gave me an idea to try taking a slab of pastry, slathering it with tomato paste and cheese, folding it over in half lenghthwise to form a cover; folding the edges back (similar to how you would fold waxed paper on a sandwich) to pinch close the ends, then carefully prying the pastry cover back open to add meat or other goodies. It should also create a big pocket to catch juices and flavor from everything cooking inside. It’s a variation of a galette!

      I’ll try it when I get home unless someone wants to give that idea a spin! Anyone?


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