Fun and Games While Sequestered

If I were a carpenter…I could build the addition to our house in the backyard. And if I were a musician, I could post my daily performances like Igor (see on twitter). I’d practice every day anyway, so why not share those wasted moments?

Unfortunately, since I am neither, I have to find my own diversions. I am spending an inordinate amount of time watching live stream opera performances. It’s easy to find distractions to multi-task during these long seances. I even reverted to sketching opera singers. They are perfect material since they are often standing in one position for a period of time long enough to be captured on paper.

I discovered this earlier while watching the Biden/Sanders debate (Featured image above). Politicians making their pitch at the podium is another excellent venue to stalk portrait figures. Naturally live and in 3-D is ideal but given our sequestered circumstances, who’s counting?!?

My last few posts have been focused on opera. Here is one last hurrah: if you are still groping around for livestreams, here is the ultimate, comprehensive list, compliments of

A Comprehensive List of All Opera Companies Offering Free Streaming Services Right Now

It will at least help you to imagine being in one of the many great opera houses in the world! The list should last you for quite awhile.

Just for some comic relief, I started some pilates exercises on line. Here’s one I am trying if you are interested: We follow the active exercises with a 20-minute meditation.

And here are a few photos from this week of daughters quarantined at an undisclosed location:

Be sure to share what you are doing during this unprecedented time in our lives! Are you eating and cooking? Taking naps? Writing a book?!? Would love to hear from you!!

4 thoughts on “Fun and Games While Sequestered”

    1. Fantastic!! Pull out those pastels!! Maybe we could Skype, draw and watch opera all at the same time?!? This week’s Metopera is Wagner, so it might take a good nap beforehand!


  1. Hi Victoria,
    Thanks for the updates and sharing your thoughts: opera, pilates, photos, sketches!! Delightful. I am sketching birds, gardening at home, and watching shows. Hope to see you on the other side. In the meantime, more posts.

    Mary Swanson


    1. So great to hear from you and other sketching pals!! What shows are you watching? And yes, I forgot how soothing it is to spend time in the garden, picking leaves out of the pots….hopefully it won’t be too long before we meet on the far side.


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