More Opera Livestream Diversions

As of yesterday, six Bay Area Counties are requiring a “Shelter in Place”. No non-essential travel or activities outside the home, possibly until July! That puts further impetus on our staying indoors and remaining calm.

Some of you have expressed an interest in the opera live-streams cropping up in the past few days. Here are a few additional opera websites offering performances online:

You can watch the Marriage of Figaro here:

For those of you curious about opera, it’s a perfect way to introduce yourselves to the form. You can download the libretto online to translate each opera and follow along.

These websites have had livestream offerings in the past, but they have not been widely used in the U.S. They are perfectly poised to share their excellent repertoires.

The links may be imperfect, as the websites may require you to download their apps, create an account, or sign up for a temporary membership. After all, if it’s free! You may need to invest some effort, patience and ingenuity. It’s worth the bother.

To get right to the source of real time updates, I recommend going directly to or on twitter for schedules and updates. Here an excerpt from the twitter feed:

  • @MetOpera Nightly Streams
  • @WrStaatsoper Daily Streams
  • @Rof_Pesaro Streams
  • @TeatroRegio di Torino Streams
  • @teatromassimo di Palermo

Let’s get creative and make the most of an unpredictable, uncontrollable situation. Under these dire circumstances, I have convinced myself that virtual travel can be a substitute for physical travel. Thanks to the internet, we can explore the world in different ways from what we have been doing in the past.

A few more suggestions I have followed: make a family emergency plan for your family. Call a different friend everyday to renew an old relationship worn by too much attention to electronic media! Get inspired! We can get through this together!!

2 thoughts on “More Opera Livestream Diversions”

    1. I notice that the links may not be direct to the source. If you have problems, try searching for the opera house on the web. We tried the Metopera yesterday and the website crashed due to so many hits!! Some of these operas are available for 24 hours after the livestream, so you might have to experiment with each before you get comfortable with their links. Also since the German sites provide the best offerings you might have to click on the English version to read instructions. Some performances do not have subtitles.


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