Day 8: Anna Amalia Library and Weimar City Castle

Weimar was once the hub of intellectual and political life in Germany. It still captures much of the imagination of aspiring writers, musicians, architects and playwrights. On my return visit to the Musikhochschule (High School for Music) last night, I savored an array of passionate violin student performances.


Stumbling into the National Library in Vienna last year was a thrilling experience. Naturally, I was curious to compare the Anna Amalia, a research library in Weimar for German literature from the Enlightenment to the late Romantic Period. While much smaller, this Rococo design was equally exciting, but more intimate.

You can watch a video of the library here:

The next stop on a day-long tour of local sights was the former residence of the Grand Duchy of Saxony-Weimar-Eisenach. Known as the Weimar City Castle, it now houses a collection of Cranachs, German Impressionists, and painters from the Weinar Art School.

Dinner with the locals:


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