Day 6-7: From Bauhaus to Your House

If there ever were a sacred place of pilgrimage for me, it would be the Bauhaus in Weimar. Created by Walter Gropius around 1921, this school combined the best of internationally recognized artists with master craftsmen in Germany. The school was intended to teach design and architecture rather than fine art. The artists taught form, shape, and color, and the craftsmen trained students to technically perfect their designs and products.

In the following photographs and explanations from the exhibit, you will get a sense of the development of graphic design and architecture that still feels applicable and relevant today. These photos are just a small sampling of the my favorite exhibits. A new museum is planned in the future.

2 thoughts on “Day 6-7: From Bauhaus to Your House”

  1. funny. I am reading a book The Paris Architect and the author talks about Bauhaus and I must say with reference so it is interesting to have you express the same sentiment. Can’t wait to hear more,


    1. Did you mean with “reverance”? I am not sure many would think that way unless they were very “old school”. All I know is that my exposure to it at a tender young age was a big influence on what I chose to do in life. It was a solid compass for me. Compare my thoughts to today’s post on Goethe, who lived a century earlier.


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