Day 4: More Moritzburg and Carmen

A couple of years ago my friend Hanne and Jens introduced me to Moritzburg. I had been wanting to go to King Augustus’s “Hunting Lodge” again. I got my chance when a group of us planned a half-day excursion. We mixed and matched a combination of public bus and private carriage to get there. By doing so, we had an interesting variation of conversations in German and English. International and local friends from Germany, Bulgaria, the U.S. and Switzerland got in our Sunday gear and convened in Dresden for this delightful day of history sharing, friendship, and even tail-gating.

Most of the historical significance for this private country estate centered around 1730. Similar to King Friedrich’s Sans Souci outside Berlin or the Summer Residence of Peter the Great outside St. Petersburg, Moritzburg is another opulent getaway villa. This one, however, did seem more tastefully decorated (if that can be compared). My favorite room is the dining room, where all the deer antlers are displayed. The tips of the antlers are duly recorded and ordered in the dining room from the smallest to the largest sizes (mostly 26, 28, 30 and 32). You can read more about the castle here:

Curtain Calls for an evening performance of Carmen  at Semperoper below:

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