Day 2-3: Dresden Neumarkt

One of the reasons I return to Dresden annually is to stay at one of my favorite hotels in the world. Located on the Neumarkt square around the corner from the famous domed Frauenkirche, this hotel  can be identified in the header above. Look for the yellow building and the  fourth one in the series of reconstructed Baroque buildings in the center of the header photo. This gem beats any Air BNB hands down for price, location, and amenities. The unit is at the very top, where two small dormer windows peak out at the roof level.

The hotel is also centrally located within a stone’s throw of the famous Semperoper, where we attend many of the concerts and opera performances, as well as numerous museums and attractions.

After a quick outing to Bad Schandau located in “Saxon Switzerland”, we headed over to the Semperoper for a delightful performance of Tsaichovsky and Rachmaninoff, performed by the Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra. Kristine Opelais, an accomplished and upcoming star, sang from Eugene Onegin and Puccini.

2 thoughts on “Day 2-3: Dresden Neumarkt”

  1. OH MY!!! How time flies. I can’t believe the semester is over and you are back in Germany! Already looking forward to your (my) next travels!!!


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