Day 75: Chicago Architectural Biennale

The Chicago Cultural Center (formerly the Chicago Public Library) is currently hosting the Architectural Biennale. Modeled after the Venice Biennale for art, it showcases creative architectural ideas and structures submitted by many countries. Programs will continue throughout the season until the end of the year. I would highly encourage anyone interested in architecture to visit Chicago this year.

A free noontime concert enticed me to spend an hour at one of the magnificent exhibition rooms that house one of the most beautiful domes in the world.

The Biennale hosted many interesting exhibitions, but one we specifically went to see was on workplace design. See the model of different ways to sit, stand, and work in the cutouts and the video screen shot below:

And the lobby area utilized flexible lighting that could be height adjusted with weights, and flexible drop in workspaces for visitors.

Before embarking on our journey from Chicago to Santa Fe, I was able to catch a final glimpse of the Chagall’s “Four Seasons” Murals at the Chase Tower Plaza:

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