Day 58: Pause to Refresh

This is a good time to recap the first two-thirds of my 80 days around the world, since I am about to leave Germany to fly back to the US. In the past two months, I have traveled on the Trans-Mongolian Express (TME) from Beijing to Moscow, visited the Russian capital and St. Petersburg, and several cities in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany.

The next segment will be a stay in New York City and a short trip by car to see the Fall Foliage. The final leg will be the counterpart to the TME: a cross-country trip via Amtrak to Philadelphia, Chicago, Santa Fe, New Mexico, and finally back home to San Francisco.

Join me in the next few weeks as I compare cross-country trips between the U.S. and Russia!! I also look forward to seeing old friends and family.

Below is a glimpse of each stop. You can find the posts by searching the city or in the archives for July-September 2015.

Beijing: Best Hotel Experience in a traditional Chinese Hutong (Courtyard) Hotel

The Trans-Siberian (Mongolian) Express:

The Trans-Mongolian Express travels from Beijing to Moscow and is part of the Trans-Siberian Express. It connects to the Trans-Siberian Express in Ulan Bator and picks up the route that begins in Vladivostok.


Mongolia and Ulan Bator:

Moscow and St. Petersburg:


Salzburger Festival Performances:

Vienna and Linz, Austria


For Schwabisch Hall, see recent posts.

And a few earlier posts organized by my favorite topics:




Photos may be repeated from earlier posts.

3 thoughts on “Day 58: Pause to Refresh”

  1. Hi Vickie – will you be in NYC during the Pope’s visit. It is fascinating to watch the macro events happening in the background of your world trip and how it impacts locals at the micro level. You were in Austria during the huge refugee crisis, now in NYC during the Pope’s visit. Cannot wait to hear your insights. Have a safe and smooth trip ..


    1. Yes he will be here tomorrow. We notice the police security increasing and my opera date on Friday has been delayed by 1/2 hour. There will definitely be traffic re routing in Midtown and around St. Patrick’s Cathedral where he will be speaking.


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