Day 30b: Viennese Sights

1. In and around Vienna: St. Stephen’s Cathedral and Plaza area (also featured image), and a street scene near Mozart’s House in Vienna. Notice the wide contrast in architectural styles, right in the cultural center of the city.

2. The Albertina and a collection of Modern Art from Carl Djerassi

These are only a few of the works I liked in particular, from his extensive collection that include Lichtenstein, Warhol, Gerhard Richter, and Klee.

Read about Carl Djerassi’s possible connection to San Francisco:, or better yet read this fascinating obituary in the Telegraph: The Klees on display are part of the Djerassi Trust and has been promised to the Albertina. I wonder if there is a tug of war going on between the SF MOMA and the Albertina. It might be interesting to follow it as part of the art world’s pursuit of wealthy collectors and their endowments.

Gerhard Richter is one of Melissa’s favorite artists. The black and white portrait of a woman smoking was not obvious until I took a picture of it!

By the way, I discovered that Adolf Loos was Austrian (and Czech). Here’s some interesting information about him:

3. The Vienna Opera House: from an evening of Mozart music.

Now, after three “variety shows” of operatic music and concert pieces featuring Mozart and Strauss, I can hear the difference. Strauss added alot of drums and brass but also contrasted these boomers with sweet melodies. They are a crowd pleaser and I admit I became mesmerized by the rhythm and tunes. Unfortunately, the opera is closed in August so there are no regular performances. If you come in August you are stuck with the tourist track.

Updated 8/23 11:10pm

4 thoughts on “Day 30b: Viennese Sights”

  1. The last post wiped me out, but I wanted to send everyone the latest sights! The museums here are way too extensive and 5 days is not enough time to cover everything. Each museum conveys a different dimension of art history you think you know, only a new angle is exposed. I could have minored in art history but didn’t have a clue how I could use it. But now I know my visual awareness helps me learn history better through pictures than reading it. Do you have the same learning style?


  2. I need both (the visual and spending time reading about it) to learn… 🙂 Your posts give me both :):)


    1. Probably a difficult question to answer, but I found learned in my training for teachers that some learn better by written instructions or by hearing the instructions, and some learn by seeing (or being shown) how to do things. I discovered that I am the latter. Everyone probably has a combination of all in some ways, but it’s good to know how we take in information the easiest.


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