Day 4b: TSE (Trans-Siberian Express)

TranssiberianmapBeijing to Ulan Bator

Since I will be traveling today, I am posting a map of the Trans-Siberian Express Route for you. I am not sure how reliable Internet access will be on the train, but I certainly will try to stay in touch and keep everyone informed about my saga across the huge, vast Eurasian continent. It is nearly twice the length of the US! You might find the map informative. Trace the route, from Beijing to Moscow via Ulan Bator in Mongolia. Ulan Ude is the first Russian border town we will hit in a couple of days from here.

6 thoughts on “Day 4b: TSE (Trans-Siberian Express)”

  1. Vicky
    Good for you…I always wanted to ‘do’ the TSE from when I first arrived in HK in 1981 – but never did get around to it. However – isn’t this the second time you’ve been on the TSE in as many years?


    1. Sorry, this is only the first. You can read my reasons in upcoming posts. I think you would like it, but a stopover in Ulan Bator would be recommended. It looks like a lovely country and the pastures and nomadic way of life won’t be around forever. Last year I went through the Northern and Southern Silk Roads but not by TSE. It was a Chinese train from Urumqi to Turpan, Dunhuang, Chengdu and then to HK.


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