Day 2: Beijing First Impressions

We are staying in the Northern Hutong District (Gulouyuan) of Beijing in one of the hotels preserving the traditional courtyard style residences.

A few pictures are being posted here:

1. and 2: Shop facades with spun sugar pinwheels and one-of a kind fans;

3. A contemporary noodle shop where we had our casual dinner, with “graffiti” Chinese style–neatly written post-it notes on a laundry line, notes in English and Chinese on the gyp bd.
4. Two tea cups, high-rise fashion to hold more tea, and the cutesy happy faces.
5. A beautiful retro-1930’s era entryway.

Updated: 8/6/15

6 thoughts on “Day 2: Beijing First Impressions”

    1. This neighborhood is a feast for the eyes! I went back to the fan shop and bought 3 manual “air conditioners”! I have been bringing fans to meetings for several years. When things got hot I always broke the concentration whenever I whipped out my fan and started fluttering. No one knew what to say but of course they were jealous and wished they had mine.


  1. wonderful your trip and beautiful pictures. We were in Beijing the last time in 2002. We thing the city got many new buildings. Have a nice travel.


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