Day 1: Getting Ready for Take Off….

Join me on my first official “Around the World in 80 Days” (last year’s was technically only 68)! My upcoming travel includes the following:

1. The Trans-Siberian Express starting in Beijing, going westward to Moscow via Ulan Bator (Mongolia), Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinaburg and Kirov; we will spend time in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

2. Stops in German-speaking countries including Switzerland and Austria (and of course Germany!). Traveling alone, I plan to hit various musical events including the International Salzburger Festival, where I plan to see Jonas Kaufmann, one of my three favorite popera singers. I will also see Cecilia Bartoli in Gstaad, Switzerland, with friend Helena. A two-week course in Schwabisch Hall at the Goethe Institute will be the anchor for this travel and help me improve my German.

3. After flying back to the States via New York in the Fall, I look forward to seeing my favorite female opera star Anna Netrebko at the NY Metopera. After that, I’ll tour the Fall Foliage in Upstate NY with fellow traveler Karen.

4. The finale will be a cross-country trip via Amtrak via Philadelphia, Chicago, Santa Fe, and LA.

Those of you who have been following my blog over the past year recognize the focus on cultural events, art and architecture, history, and music. Please let me know if you have friends who may be interested in following my wanderings. I’ll send them invitations to join the fun. It helps me to track who’s reading, but I’d also like to get a sense of what interests them. Keep the comments coming–I appreciate hearing from you. It does get lonely at times so your messages are always welcome.

There will be plenty of twists and turns along the way, so don’t be surprised if there are deviations or last minute changes. We only confirmed our Chinese train through Russia two days ago, so it has already been a bit of a cliff hanger! The trip officially starts tomorrow, so get ready to blast off!

Update (7/25/15):

The header I posted today is from the signature panel at the Afrosayib Museum in Samarkand. This is among the many beautiful artifacts that were left out of postings last year. The museum is built around this incredible discovery!

13 thoughts on “Day 1: Getting Ready for Take Off….”

  1. Wishing you a great trip and I hope I will be able to join you someday when my knee will decide to behave.


  2. AWESOME!!! My virtual travel bag is packed and I am ready to go along for the ride. Excited to hear all about this newest adventure!! You go, girl!!!


  3. Little sister, all the best as you embark on yet another chapter in your book of travel adventures. Thanks for sharing it with us — I know I will feel like I am going through the experience with you and wishing I was there — maybe I can join you somewhere! Is Madeleine on your list?


  4. Wow. I hadn’t realized that the nyc part was the tip (or very bottom) of the iceberg. You may just be ready to sleep and do laundry for a couple of days!!! I look forward to hearing about the trams-Siberian train part as those are places I may not get to. Have fun

    Sent from my new iPhone so answers are brief!



  5. How Exciting! I am VERY jealous and look forward to following your exploits via the blog. Let’s plan on getting together in New York when you orbit back this way. Annie and I would love to accompany you to the opera if there is an opportunity. Safe travels!


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