British Prime Ministers in Jeopardy

imageIn a stunning performance as Queen Elizabeth in the Broadway play, “the Audience”, Helen Mirren nailed it again. In dialogue with some of her “Dirty Dozen” prime ministers, the queen exposed her confidence, flaws, and insecurities, along with her opinions of each prime minister. Despite her need to support each PM, she clearly had her favorites and nemeses.

This was one of the best Broadway plays I have ever seen. Perfect diction, dialog, and pure entertainment, with teachable moments thrown in for a total winner.

To test your knowledge of the string of PMs, try the following Jeopardy category. Give the questions to the answers (provided at the end.)

If you are a little rusty on British history, see “the Audience” with Helen Mirren on Broadway!


1. He committed troops to fight in Iraq in 2003 (1£)
2. Appointed special guardian to Princes William and Harry on death Of their mother Diana (5£)
3. Current and youngest PM since 1812 (100£)
4. Longest serving Prime Minister for 150 years (500£)
5. Churchill’s successor and Negotiator of the Suez crisis in 1956.(1000£)

Good Luck!

See questions to answers below:


2 thoughts on “British Prime Ministers in Jeopardy”

  1. I just read a review of this in Sunday’s paper. It sounded awesome so I am glad to hear it WAS!!! Turning green (and not just because the snow is finally melting!!) …your travels make me smile. Enjoy.


    1. Of course Helen Mirren is a natural at this role, so it seems a little unfair. But after watching two other live performances this week, I have complete respect for the acting profession. It’s the writing that makes or breaks the actors. Thanks for the comments and staying tuned in. Send me your recommendations of places to go and things to see that you might want to read about. Peter inspired me to go to the Museum of Chinese Americans in NYC and I went there the next day!


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