Puebla and Cholula

Photos, from top, left to right:

1. View of Extinct volcano on the way to Puebla
2. Interior Dome of Chalula Cathedral
3. Chalula Cathedral, built on a former pyramid site
4. Interior atrium of restaurant, purported to be haunted. Piñatas were created by the Augustins to convert Natives to Catholicism by instilling fear in the devil. The monks wanted children to fear the Devil, who did bad deeds, from God, who would save them. Children “beat the devil” by hitting the seven points on the piñata (representing 7 deadly sins). By successfully beating the devil through the piñata, God would reward the children with sweets. As their patron saint is St. Augustin, boys and girls participated in this activity.
5. Street musicians in Puebla, a UNESCO world heritage site
6. Building along Main Street
7. Street vendor
8. Interior of the Church of the Rosary
9. Cathedral of Puebla

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