Museum of Modern Art–all in One


With my love for architecture and art, I couldn’t help but be completely contented with my late afternoon visit to the Mexico City MOMA.

With a wealth of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera artwork in the City, I managed to amplify my trip to Kahlo’s house with more original artwork.

1. Dual self-portraits of Frida, with the heart prominent.
2. Portrait by Diego Rivera, 1938
3. Portrait by David Alfaro Siqueiros, 1934
4. Portrait of worker by Rivera,1955
5. Sculpture by Contemporary Artist
6. Watermelon by Frida Kahlo
7. Sculpture inspired by Frida Kahlo quote
8. Staircase in central circular building, reminiscent of stairs scaled at the Pyramids
9. Detail of tread strips, just enough to work for those who need it and not for those who don’t
10. Architectural exhibition using drafting boards for presentation

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