Mexico City Marvels-1

Photos above, from top:
1. Pedestrian Street near Zocalo Centrale Hotel area in the early morning. Streets are washed down each day to keep the area free of trash
2. Crazy architecture near Aquarium with reflective mosaic-shaped mirrors by Fernando Romero and who else? You guessed it–Frank Gehry…and Ove Arup. This Museo Soumaya was completed in 2010. Wikipedia has some great construction photos of the structure before skin was added. You architects out there–Check it out! *
3. Mid-rise Building Clad in White back-painted Glass
4. View of Commercial Hi-Rises. Judging from crane spotting In Mexico City, hi-rise construction is alive and well here. As noted in my travels (primarily in New York, London, and China), prosperity is evident everywhere as well as in MC and this city joins the chorus of excitement in new building design and thinking hard about how well these buildings will survive the test of time.*
*info added or updated 12/6/14.

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