Mexico City Marvels-2

I have been so impressed by the high quality design that I have seen so far. I chose Zocale Centrale hotel from because of its location next to the old main plaza. It has been developed in an old renovated building, somewhat reminiscent of Downtown LA but much richer in architectural heritage.
To date I avoided reporting on hotels where I have stayed, but I have to make an exception here. This hotel is very impressive, not just for its ideal location, but its sensitivity to good design and exceptional value. The difference is that Mexico’s architects and designers are respected and their contributions to enhancing life seem to be widely valued. The designs are creative, whimsical and generally well thought out. Inexpensive labor supports good design with craftsmanship and ability to maintain its artifacts. Architects are keeping pace with latest technology and standards such as USGBC and LEED sustainability practices.

Here are a few examples from the Zocalo:

1. Interior atrium with beautiful lighting.
2. Toiletries organized on a stoneware dish, beside a stone soap dish with sloped drain to sink for runoff.
3. gorgeous flowers everywhere, a statement about the establishment’s attention to detail and high standards.

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