Day 67(b): How to Have Good Taste

Classic Cantonese Dishes are the freshest possible, understated, lightly flavored, never heavy nor salty, and arguably the best if not the oldest gourmet cuisine in the world!

Photos, top to bottom, left to right:

1. Classic Menu based on original restaurant menu at Jade Garden, Causeway Bay
2. Medley of Succulent Barbequed Pork, Market Fresh Gai Lan Greens, and Side Dish of Soup Base Ingredients (whole Duck Legs and Pork with Fragrant Star Anise)

3. Steamed Tofu Pillows Stuffed with Prawns

4. Steamed “White Cut” Chicken

1. Roasted goose
2. Deep fried donut wrapped in rice noodle
3. Lightly seasoned snap pea, cauliflower and broccoli florettes with deep fried garlic

Elements of my last meal in Hong Kong with Cordelia and CF before takeoff. (Not shown: baked almond paste buns for dessert)!

3 thoughts on “Day 67(b): How to Have Good Taste”

  1. Love the chicken! Fortunately, we can get a pretty good version from Irving Street here in San Francisco. In fact, I have been buying it every week since you have been away 🙂


    1. This was a full court press version, complete with every little bony bone and of course the crowning glorious head and beak. It might gross out some viewers but this is the time we rub our tummies with delight and with ultimate visual satisfaction! Perfecto!


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