Day 67 (a): More Food for Thought: Next to the Last Word

Gourmet buffet at the East Hotel in Taikoo Shing was one of the best buffets I have ever had. Each dish was thoughtfully flavored, distinctive and delicious. Lunch consisted of cold salad and dessert bar.

Photos, top to bottom, left to right:

1. My friend George at the buffet table

2. Selection of cold salads

3. Melon and cold chicken salad

4.  Voila! My plate including top quality prosciutto and lox

5.  Dessert Table

6. My plate of chocolate, polenta cake and cupcakes

7. Inside Restaurant “Feast”, a very lovely outpost and well designed restaurant away from the madding crowds of Central

I thought Food for the next to the last post would be a fitting tribute to Honkers. It dominates the intellect and the drive for all citizens of this great city, and HK has the best dining variety and options bar none.

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