Day 57: Scaling Emei Shan


At 3,000m, Emei Shan in Szechuan Province is one of the four sacred Buddhist mountains of China. We made a point to come to this area when Julianne recommended it after her trip there. Photos show some of the environment and the landscapes that “look just like a Chinese painting”…except that they are real.

Gee Kin and I climbed two of the major mountains in China in the past–Mt. Huangshan in 2000 and Tai Shan last year with Melissa, so this was our third.

Photos, from top, left to right:

1. Two wild monkeys chatting on the steps. They are prevalent in the hills around Emei Shan.

2. We stayed in accommodation halfway up the mountain in the middle of the photo. Don’t ask how we got there.

3. Xinxiang Temple

4. Along river gorge

5. Background for “a Chinese Painting”

6. Gee Kin with typical steps in the background



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