Day 56(b): Szechuan Provincial Museum

The museums we visited are incredibly rich and excellently curated. They brought to life a renewed respect and deep appreciation for the continuity of the Chinese culture. This particular museum focused a great deal of attention on Szechuan’s formative period between the Chou and the Han periods, which were much earlier than those of other cities. The museum was laid out in sections of calligraphy, painting, pottery and bronzes.

Photos, from top to bottom, left to right:
1. Contemporary painting, Red Crane
2. Contemporary Calligraphy
3. Bronze sculpture, Chou Dynasty
4. bronze bells, Chou Dynasty
5. Pottery making process
6. Han Dynasty Figurine
7. Han Dynasty Figurine
8. Han Dynasty Horse and Horseman
9. Celadon bowls
10. Museum Exterior


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