Day 30: I Get by with a Little Help from My Friends



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Do you see anybody?….you know? I’m rolling into the halfway mark and thought that I should pause and reflect on those who have helped me get to where I am today. It can be a bit lonely out here. I suppose those on the space shuttle count their minutes, while most of us rip through years without noticing where the time went.

So here are some of the key people who have made my trip outstanding so far, from the top down. They made the Society Page today.

1. Meeda and me; Ms Chou plans to make a major gift of $50 million to the Chou/Fong Gallery, to be launched in the next Millenium.

2. Karen Mori, college roommate and friend who intends to donate her inheritance to the Food Fund for French Foraging;

3. GI class of emerging scientists, artists and young professionals who are gathering to develop a world fund for Better Understanding of the German People before the Next World Cup;

4. Helena Shang, classmate of Gee Kin’s from Beijing, who is contemplating a major gift of $1 billion to the Schema Therapy Project between Switzerland and the U.S.;

5. Hanne Rätze and Hans-Uwe Berlin, friends in Dresden, who are raising substantial interest in a sanctuary for preservation of elephants in Thailand.

We thank all donors for their respective causes and the kind attention devoted to the recipient of the Travel Fund of the Year Award.

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