Day 26: Sommerfest

image image image

Last night was our class get together at the GI. The list of countries gives you a good idea of how varied the population is here–virtually one of each. The interesting point is that there are few Americans and a healthy contingent of Mexican students learning German for some reason. I heard that this might have to do with fewer students liking the U.S., but for whatever that means I like being in the minority here.

In case you are unable to see the list, there are 67 countries represented at the GI since June 2014. 21 from Mexico and 9 from the US. The largest group comes from the Union of Arab Emirates (24). It feels like the Eurovision version of American Idol–much more internationally oriented and with plenty of opportunities on both sides to either reinforce or dispel stereotypes.

The evening began with wine for 2€ and Goulash, the specialty meal and top of the line for 3€. I burned a hole in my pocket paying 5€ for dinner. The program included songs sung by students, a Jeopardy game, and dancing. I enjoyed chatting with a German woman who has been hosting students for many years. (The older crowd in the picture is not representative of the age of students in the program!) She asked me to join her at the table  where she was sitting.

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