Day 29-32: Buda or Pest?

Budapest is a city split in two by the Danube. The river is the longest in Europe, discharging not into any ocean but the Black Sea. The St. Gellert’s Thermal Baths and dinner at the New York Cafe were among the highlights of our visit with friends Alberto and Miki in Budapest.

Budapest conveys a by-gone era, with once-grand buildings deteriorated, unkempt and unkept. You struggle to look for meaning and points of reference: When was it? Who did it? How did it happen? Why? Many of these questions are left unanswered. Without a local guide and more substantive conversation with locals, the history is hard to decipher.

The grand market presented some interesting finds for goose liver, paprika, and lavender. A commotion drew us to a crowd apprehending a man who had just knocked down a female tourist.

Last but not least are the finale to our 72 hours in Budapest: dinner and delightful jazz.

2 thoughts on “Day 29-32: Buda or Pest?”

  1. Anne and I loved Budapest. Lunch at NYC and then walk to baths. We departed by train traveling to Vienna during the big immigrant wave of Sierans heading to Germany. The train was halted by the border and the immigrants ordered to leave. We helped keep them in our 1st klass car, and listen to their tails of war. A few hours later the train continued continued on to Vienna, crisis avoided. We understood that was the last train for several days.


    1. I remember that you had recounted your saga from Vienna to Schwabisch Hall without the details. You are a hero helping others to flee their strife! There are numerous immigrant stories that remind us of our past. I hope that those you helped will remember your kindness. I can’t say that the Hungarian people will be as welcoming. Glad we experienced the baths—along with all the locals!


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