Day 71-72: End of the Rainbow

Alas, I am at the end of my fourth world trip. After 11 flights, 11 train trips, and numerous bus, taxi and private car transfers, I will have successfully completed my world travel goal for this year. We met old friends and made new ones. We gained much deeper understanding and appreciation of our roots. And as mentioned previously, I overcame my fear of drawing!! Like any phobia, it is easy to avoid what you fear most. I grabbed the bull by the horn and grappled with it. It was so easy it wasn’t even a contest. I just simply had to do it!

Granted, the circumstances were perfect, and for that, I must give credit to an incredible teacher and artist extraordinaire, Diane Olivier. Don’t miss my tribute to her in the video posted on Day 58, Moroccan Magic.

Our last day in Hong Kong included a visit to the Man Mo Temple near our Air BNB and a walk along Bowen Path. It is one of the best kept secrets of Hong Kong. It winds for three miles along the Mid-Levels in a horizontal stretch. The torrential rains that day drenched us with plenty of waterfall activity along the route. (See also Day 66, 2014, tagged below.)

We stopped for lunch at Lin Heung, an old Hong Kong mainstay. You rinse your dishes in discarded hot tea that is brewed and poured at the table.

So, until next time, Farewell! Please send me any comments you wish to share about what you liked or didn’t –I heard that there were too many opera posts so cut back (of course only after leaving Germany!!). Do write, and I definitely will write back!

Thanks to all for following travelswithmyselfandothers.  As you know, this is a personal pursuit of my favorite activities and being able to share it with you gives me the greatest pleasure.  I hope to see each and every one of you (whom I can recognize by name) in the next year–let’s make a date!

Auf Wiedersehen, 在见,  وداعا!!


P.S. In an effort to sketch every day, here are a few sketches of people eating at breakfast and still lifes of dishes that didn’t get posted.

P.S.S. Last of series of daily sketches:

Addendum: Apologies to the last few comments that didn’t get answered: I have just returned home and am in a state of recovering to bright blue skies and 72 degree weather…will write back soon!!

6 thoughts on “Day 71-72: End of the Rainbow”

    1. Courage, yes. But bravado is dangerous. I’m not sure that I’m ready to bungee jump or scale 100-story buildings, but getting the fear behind me emboldens me to be back into the world of not knowing what I don’t know…dangerous and risky!!! Thanks for the encouragement, though. I like it more than the drawings.


  1. Enjoyed your photos of people & places around Hong Kong. And of course the food! Reminds me of the tour we took in 2007 with friends.
    Gee Kin from Hong Kong I assume speaks the form of Cantonese from there & you mostly picked it up also. You went to Jungshan city/village. Is your family originally from there & speak the lung doo dialect? My husband’s family is from there and some of our OHS classmates speak that dialect.


    1. I learned Cantonese from living and working in Hong Kong for 7 years. Gee Kin is a bit more complicated. His parents are from Shuntak and Punyu, not Hong Kong. When he was 2, he immigrated with his family to New Zealand. Like me, he grew up speaking Chinese at home but lived in an all English-speaking environment. I like to refer to the two of us as “New World Chinese”.

      Zhongshan is no longer a sleepy county district but a megalopolis the size of Hong Kong. There is a highway about to open in September that goes direct to Shenzhen, an economic center of the area.
      I indeed come from Loong Do, a village in Zhongshan. So we probably are kissing cousins! The language is odd because it comes from migrants from Fujian province. Because many from the village immigrated to the Bay Area, it is not uncommon to find Loong Do speakers around our neck of the woods!
      Do you know where your parents came from? Let us know and we can continue this conversation off line!


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