Day 59: Vladivostok, Russia

Here are some first views of Vladivostok coming from the north by train on arrival at sunset the night before:

Dinner at Three Brothers across from the hotel, complete with live American jazz music for $30 for both of us with wine

Evening Entertainment: Portugal vs. Wales with Rinaldo scoring 1 of 2 goals


If you were visiting Vladivostok for the first time like we were, you could start an early morning walk at the Friday morning Central food market:

You can take a minibus to the new Mariinskiy Opera and Ballet Theatre. It is hosting the first International Piano Competition at the end of this month. I predict that it will be a great draw for concerts, ballet and opera in the future. You might consider taking a trip to attend this magnificent new venue and the emerging new productions and stars that will perform here!

After that, you can catch a bus back to the city and stop at the Lookout Point over the new Golden Bridge completed in 2012. Does the design look familiar to you?


Later in the day, get your cultural brains in gear and visit the Primorie Art Gallery. When we attended, it was showing an exhibition of Russian Art from 1700-1900. We were intrigued with the very personal touches of each painting, that may have reflected or imitated more famous Western paintings of the same era. Sargent, Picasso, and Matisse came to mind.

There were also a number of startling paintings that represented new subjects seldom seen in paintings of the same era. Chinese or Muslim figures were represented in historical settings that required more context and explanation. Unfortunately, all paintings were titled in Russian or limited English.

At the end of the day, kick back and have dinner at the Three Brothers for evening meal. This was our return visit from the night before. The outdoor dining was perfect for the cool balmy weather of Vladivostok. The city is very similar to San Francisco, with hills, coastal fog, city views everywhere, and a lively ambience. We’re in love with this city of 2 Million!! This city is destined to be a big tourist destination in the next 10 years, so come soon.

4 thoughts on “Day 59: Vladivostok, Russia”

  1. You make all these places so inviting I’ve started my own adventure with a stop in Vladivostok.


  2. I thought Vladivostok would be a sister
    City with San Francisco but it’s not. It is beautifully situated with hills and mild cool lush weather dressed with foggy bottoms now. It’s wild, woolly, and a bit unkempt but a real explorer’s dream!! Feels like how it would have been in the Barbary Coast days of “Frisco” (apologies to local SFers for use of the word).

    Plan for a trip to the ballet, opera or concert at the new Philharmnie theater and come during the summer months to and from Tokyo or Seoul. There are direct flights. Enjoy!!


    1. Definitely recommended before the hoards come…if you are a concert goer there’s a Meriden Hotel next door for $60 a nite–a bit remote but accessible by bus. This is an urban adventure for sturdy travelers but not hard if you want to get exposed to poorly understood cultures with a lot to offer.


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