More Amsterdam and Gent, Belgium

Today’s major events included a performance at the Concertgebouw of Handel’s Water Music by the Berlin Alte Musik Orchestre. The instruments included a harpsichord, lute, and old horns and wooden flutes from the time when the music was created.

Fortunately we sat in the front row for 20 Euros and could hear the delicate instruments while observing the performers on the podium six feet above us and from the feet up! It was very enjoyable and worthwhile to share some of my musical interest with my daughter at a precious point in time.

Our main activity was tackling the Rijksmuseum. Despite our assumption that many Bosch, Breughels and other Dutch masters would be there, there were only a few Rembrandts, Vermeers, and a smattering of landscape painters.

See above, from top left to right:

  1. Vermeer, Woman with a Love Letter
  2. Peter de Hooch, Woman with Child in a Pantry, c. 1656-1660
  3. Rembrandt, Selfie
  4. Rembrandt, the Night Watch
  5. Van Everdingen, Young Woman Warming her Hands, c. 1644-1648
  6. Chinese Porcelains

The day before we drove through Antwerp, a city that was occupied by the Spanish in the 17th Century, to Gent. Melissa worked at De Superette last year doing a stage  and learned how to bake bread. The photos show the head baker putting the bread in the molds that Melissa also used to learn bread making.

See below:
1. De Superette Exteriors
2, 3, 4. De Superette Interiors

5. Bakery Entrance
6,7. Foam Potatoes, pulled pork, and poached egg with marinated shaved mushroom
8. Daughter Melissa, with head chef Rose and Head Baker Biggie

At the end of the day today, we enjoyed signature Dutch hot chocolate and cerise torte at the Rijksmuseum Cafe after a long and productive venture.


Note: we’re heading to Berlin tomorrow, see you there!

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