Day 13: Moscow Camera Roll Continued

Yesterday’s events yielded far too many photos to post. I have chosen among my favorite children and am posting them for your viewing pleasure below. Moscow has been an amazingly inspirational visit–far too few Americans have been here to partake in its rich history and treasures. I feel badly that I didn’t come sooner.

And for Moscow by Night, here are a few shots of Moscow after a brilliant performance of “La Traviata”, the ballet, we caught. Moscow is totally safe in the tourist areas we walked at night, in beautifully balmy summer, late light weather. The lights really showcase the architectural detailing of each building in its pride and splendor.

And finally, for the foodies, our dinner menu. We tried the Holodet, an aspic of chicken and duck with dill that was delicious! Apparently, it is a local creation. You can read about its history on the menu page.

It’s probably worth mentioning that I have been revising and cleaning up the early Day 1-10 posts. I renumbered the days in successive order from the beginning, added photos that should have been in the posts, and fixed typos or information that was incorrect.

If you see any major bloopers, please email me and let me know! The website should be more stable going forward, once I am in Europe and the States, so hopefully you won’s see the fits and starts from the beginning of the trip. Once again, my apologies to those who may have been confused by incomplete information.

Thanks to all for the comments and support. Once Gee Kin returns to the US, I will be traveling on my own. It feels like you are all traveling with me, especially when I hear from you! It keeps me motivated and I keep you in mind when I am looking for interesting things to post. I hope they capture your attention too!

8 thoughts on “Day 13: Moscow Camera Roll Continued”

  1. Sounds like a fascinating trip. I was in Moscow over Christmas and it was obviously freezing and very expensive. see you in a couple of months


    1. Can’t wait to compare notes with you! How did you get around? Did you learn any Russki? It’s crazy trying to figure all the signs out! Everything seems to be a bargain here, especially performances and food. Maybe I’m in another part of town from where you were! The weather has been perfect and the added hours of light give us lots of extra fuel and mileage.


  2. Thanks for the photos. Moscow is a great city. Haven’t been there since 2000. Gotta get back there sometime. Glad to hear that Russian cuisine has joined the modern world.


    1. As I mentioned, I feel guilty for not having come here sooner. This place grows on you and has alot of charm. Already wishing I could stay longer. We are heading to St. P. tomorrow but will have one more shot before flying out to Berlin.


  3. Vickie, I have been enjoying your travel-logs – they are very descriptive, covering exactly shared interests. Was only in Russia once in 1993 when the country was really in bad shape – very very different from your time there. Hope you will also make it to St. Petersberg and the Hermitage, etc.etc. Can hardly wait til you get back and we can have lunch and reminisce. Sara


    1. HI Sara! It’s great to hear from you, and I have been thinking about you in these environs. Yes, I am sure we have exactly the same interests in travel, architecture, food, design, etc. Please share your thoughts! Will be heading to St. P. tomorrow.


  4. Hi, Victoria,

    Lucky you: a wonderful, bargain trip in Moscow.

    Did you get a chance meet some local people in Moscow? It would be interesting to learn their perspectives on variety of topics. I have many fond momeries of Russian people I met during my stay there.

    Will you spend a “White Night” in S. P?

    Incidentally, I was discussing with a S. P. native about Saint Peterberg Paradox.

    Cannot wait to read your posts on that wonderful city.



    1. Prices have been 1/3 to half of that in the US, so we can’t complain! The TME had separate cars for Chinese and Russian passengers, so we were not able to meet any Russians as a result. In fact, we tried going to the cars beyond the “no man’s land” dining car but were prohibited from going there. We were somewhat disappointed, but the windfall was the private car experience as mentioned in my posts.
      One of the reasons we never came to Russia was the fact that we didn’t know anyone from this fascinating country. We decided to come anyway. Instead, I made an exception to my travel pattern and we did hire private guides in each city. The one in Moscow was great and gave us alot of insight about the people, environment, generations, and country. Naturally it would be much more insightful to know people who live and breathe here.
      We missed the White NIght but it must be really something to experience. Were you here during that time? What is the St. P. paradox?


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