Day 11: Moscow Smackers

I am posting a few photos of our first half-day arrival in Moscow. The food photos were taken near the Bolshoi Theatre along Tsverskaya and Bolshaya Dmitrovka.

For the foodies:

Photos, above:

1 and 2: Our dinner at a nearby cafe, yielding yummy fettucine versions with tomatoes, pine nuts and arugula, and eggplant, tomatoes, and crab;

3. Blackberry mousse with chocolate and strawberry/kiwi/truffle tartlets along with dinner reading;

4 and 5: Pastry shop with blackberry deep dish pies and piggie rolls with apple filling (my breakfast pick)

6. Chilled caviar on tap with black sturgeon (6000 rubles–you work out the exchange rate) and red salmon roe for about 2000 rubles

For the curious:

4 thoughts on “Day 11: Moscow Smackers”

  1. The piggie rolls are hysterical. My german grandmother used to make “birdie” bread, which was a bird sitting in a nest on top of a round loaf of bread. It had a sweet and comforting taste. The piggie roll made me think of Grandma. Just fun what they do with dough. And, oh my, YUMMY on the other dishes.

    I love the light play on the first building in the For the Curious section. AMAZING. The little kiosk looks move-in ready – like the tiny house movement ;-D.

    And so happy to hear you and Gee Kin are having an adventure together. Fun to make memories together!! Work…it’s not all its cranked up to me so enjoy the now!


    1. I didn’t expect to find new interpretations to dough, but here it was, staring at me, and telling me I needed to try one! This is a lost art, so you should start making them for Tartine!
      The KBG Headquarters moved from this location but it was a pretty impressive building. It’s now labelled “Insurance Building” on the directional markers to it, with no reference to the KBG Headquarters. They moved further upstream into a building that looks like the City and State Building in Oakland. The prisons were located on the windowless top floor and the basement–you can pick your poison.
      The kiosks are getting ready for a big festival coming up in the city. They are adding hanging flower pots to each, and spiffing them up. I wish we could be here, but I think we will miss the festivities.
      Gee Kin and I are having a blast with the Russian language. Everything looks like it is written backwards, or that Russians are dyslexic. But if you work through each letter at a time, you realize there’s a perceptible sound coming out of your mouth. Why do I feel like I am in sorority hell here?


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