Random Acts of Mindfulness

Take a look at some amusing signs I discovered on my brisk three mile walk this morning from Midtown to Nolita.

This shop caught my eye with a rare “full figure” mannequin next to a normal one. The detailed explanation earnestly states that a popular bra size is an H cup, the largest up to Size 56 with an N cup! (It’s worth tapping the photo to get a full screen reading of this public display). Amazing what you can learn on a morning stroll.

image I thought it was admirable for this supermarket to openly share their mission and core values with their customers, but I’m not sure how many have read it.

imageIn contending with this morning’s thaw, I thought it was ironic that this company couldn’t do much for improving the 25 degree (below zero in degrees Celsius) weather, even though they must be fine technicians.

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