News Flash! Fodor’s Go List 2015

Fodor’s Go List 2015 includes the Silk Road! It covers the northern portion that covered last September in Turpan and Dunhuang. While we traveled east from Urumqi, Fodor’s trip starts in Xian and goes west.

Stay with us, and you’ll get the scoop on cutting edge travel. We can claim that we did it in 2014! You can find the original posts in the September 2014 archives or search for Days 51-54 in Segment III of the trip blog or for the Post index on Day 80.

Along with many other destinations (both common and exotic), you can read about the Silk Road at Fodor’s on Slide 26 at!26-the-silk-road,-china.

One thought on “News Flash! Fodor’s Go List 2015”

  1. So now we know that the rude and disinterested trolley driver at GaoCheng was actually a Fodors’ employee tasked with helping to build the Go List. Probably looking for another job because she didn’t like the pressure.


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