Pandas in Polanco?

My last free hour in Mexico City was devoted to the pampered panda. They have a breeding center in the Mexico City Zoo which is walking distance to the Anthropology Museum and my hotel in Polanco.(Dedicated to Gee Kin!)

I’m adding a few scenes in the park, packed with local families enjoying the tranquility and perfect weather at the lake, arrival of holiday (they call it Christmas here) decorations, an array of animals in the zoo, food, and musical entertainment. (also dedicated to Gee Kin)

The last few shots are the Mexican semi-final version of American Idol on TV. Judges include Ricky Martin and one of my favorite international stars, Italian Laura Pausini. (dedicated to me)

This will pretty much wrap up my sojourn to Mexico, the highlight being the Anthropology Museum. Trips to the Teotihuacan Pyramids (granted the experience is driven by how the information is presented, so I’m sure it could have been much more inspiring), Puebla, and Cholula (with over 200 churches) are recommended. This can easily consume one week’s activities, along with the other attractions I described this week. Buona Serra!

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