More Art and Architecture (from the Mexico City MOMA)

imageI couldn’t resist adding these favorites from my visit yesterday. Despite trying to restrain myself, I found myself yearning to share the other works from both the building architect’s original drawings displayed within the building that was designed, to some sweet artwork that I found irresistible. I hope you won’t mind these indulgences and will actually enjoy them as well.

Photos, from top, left to right (dedicated to Julianne)
1. Architect as “Master of the Universe”!
2. Portrait of Architect Pedro Vasquez–see what I mean about appreciation of architects in Mexico?
3. Sketch of MOMA
4. Model of building
5. Entry signage for exhibit that caught my eye immediately
6. Actual interior of Circular Building (OK, not perfect, but I love the complete package)

Second series of artwork (dedicated to Melissa)
1. Inlaid wood relief
2.3. and 4. unidentified pieces
5. Sculpture by artist inspired by Frida Kahlo Quote

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