Franz Mayer Decorative Arts Museum

1. Decoration good enough to eat! Melissa: some research for the next dessert!
2. More wisps that are convertible to edible art.
3. A vintage Mexican carved armoire in the grand style–beautiful parquet
4. Interior courtyard of museum villa–could wrestle with the Frick
5. Wood encrusted Biblioteque, oozing with impeccable spit-shined wood flooring
6. Typical posada style room lined with hand-painted tiles and dark wood furnishings.

Decorative arts are some of my favorite museums, and I am always looking for the distinct or unique if subtle characteristics that define a culture or style. Availability of local materials such as wood or stone drive the local craftsmanship. In Mexico, they had plenty of both, and a lot of history and time to perfect each to the exquisite level represented in this museum.

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