Day 79+1(b): UC (University of Canterbury) Event

As a last hurrah to San Francisco and its importance in the global community, Gee Kin and I attended an event sponsored by his alma mater, the University of Canterbury in Christ Church, New Zealand. The former ambassador to the US and now the chancellor of Canterbury was promoting the University’s new buildings and developments after the recent earthquake. He was hoping to gain support among the New Zealanders in the US and was on a whistle-stop tour of 8 major US cities. He spoke to a group of us here in San Francisco, along with the NZ Vice Consul from Los Angeles.

One of Canterbury’s success stories is the engineering department. They are collaborating with UC Berkeley to develop better earthquake engineering technology. Both institutions have participated in the past in signficant earthquake engineering research. image

Other engineering departments and computer science departments have also gained recognition world-wide.

Christ Church sees itself at the cusp of new cutting edge development, both physically and virtually. Canterbury is tapping into the knowledge base of New Zealanders living in the US to help them forge new connections, create exchange opportunities, and raise funds for its programs.

While the group was small, the chancellor had an opportunity to meet and chat with everyone in an intimate setting at the Diplomat Club at the Fairmont Hotel.

Old friends Richard (who went to high school with Gee Kin and now works in the Bay Area), his wife Kris, David (Gee Kin and Richard’s instructor in Christ Church, who now lives here), and Keith were all present at the event. Unfortunately, David and Emilie, who are in Lebanon, were not able to attend.


Photos above:
1. Gee Kin and Richard at the Nob Hill Cafe in San Francisco after University of Canterbury Event
2. Victoria, Kris, and David

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