Day 69+11 of 80 Days Around the World


In my initial plan I overlooked the possibility of capitalizing on the theme of 80 days around the world. I also thought that many of my friends outside the US would like to see what “home” here in San Francisco is like. So, let’s make it an even 80. I am attaching the next 12 days back in San Francisco as an addendum to my blog for my German, Chinese and friends of other nationalities so they can appreciate what home here in the US is to me.

Day 69: San Francisco Sunset District Steps: see the following for a project in our neighborhood:

Gee Kin was part of the planning and implementation of two beautifully designed tiled steps in the Sunset District where we live.

On my first day back, we decided to keep the Asian influence alive so we had lunch at King of Noodle.

to be continued…

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