Day 43(d): More Islamic Architecture

Photos, from top, left to right:

1. Exterior of Afrosiab Complex, built on a hill that was then ransacked by the Mongols. Tamar worked out that it was easier and more fortuitous to get water from the lowland rather than to transport it up the hill to the fortress, at the expense of having fortifications.

2. Steps leading to mausoleum complex. One is supposed to count the number up. If you count the same number coming down, you are a good and faithful person. If not, try next time. I went down the back-end so will never know my worth

3. “The City that Defies Death” consists of mausoleums dedicated to dignitaries with a street connecting all of them to each other.

4. A decorative ceiling inside one of the domes.

5. The stalactites in the corners between the dome and the wall reinforce the dome support and provide clever decorative element to the room.

6. another dome interior, with more cobalt blue coloring.

7. Beginning of Chinese influence with fritted wood panels over windows and wall paintings

8.  Detail of stone Arabic lettering before tiles replaced in between

9. Another wall detail showing intricate floral, written and geometric patterns

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