7 thoughts on “Day 42(b): Samarqand Bazaar”

  1. It is interesting how the food is Middle-Eastern / Indian with still a touch of European. Like Turkish with Indian/Pakistani influence. As you go further east, it will be interesting to see where you start seeing the characteristics of Chinese cuisine.


  2. Love all the markets It looks liked Turkish Delight or italian Nougat in picture 4 I always spend time in the markets looking at and taking pictures of fruits, vegetables, etc. fascinating and delightful




  3. Reblogged this on Travels with Myself and Others and commented:

    To add to David’s comment and reply about food from Uzbekistan, here are some shots from the market in Bokhara. The market in Tashkent was far larger. I don’t know if Anthony Bourdain has made it there, but it should be on his list for Parts Unknown!


    1. Hi Tom
      Sorry to confuse you but I inadvertently reposted an old one from 2014 when I was in Uzbekistan. So I’m not there but here in San Francisco. I was just working on deleting it when I saw your comment.
      You can still see the photos in the “Impressionistic Views” that link better to the discussion on the Uzbeki-Korean restaurant I mentioned.
      Möchtest du dieses Jahr in Deutschland reisen? Wohin wirst du reisen? Ich wünsche dich Gute Reise! VV.


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