2 thoughts on “FullSizeRender 19”

  1. Hi Vickie,
    Your camel with the beautiful eyes was right, when he advised that you go to Morocco to draw. I think your sketches are also a beautiful addition to your adventures, stories and fotos. And the sketches give you a little more time to catch your breath, as you are traveling. Your pace is really breath-taking.
    Love to both you and GeeKin
    PS: if possible, could you send me a copy of the beautiful, white camel, seated, that you put on your blog from Marocco?


    1. Thank you for the words of support! I certainly never anticipated being able to include drawings in my posts, but somehow they have appeared. I’m glad you are enjoying them as much as I love drawing and sharing them in my posts. They are a wild unpredictable component of my current and hopefully future travels.
      I’m glad you found the camels as captivating as I did. I had a chance to ride the white one when we were remounting, but I didn’t want to abandon my old camel! I had already grown attached to it! The entire band (?) was very sweet and docile.
      Sketching has indeed been a calming factor in my travels, so I hope I can continue. I feel like a child who has just discovered how to walk or read!
      It’s very interesting to draw first, then compare it to a photo. I hadn’t looked at the camel-camel photo until just now, nor have I put them side by side. None of the sketches were done with photos, by the way–only drawn from what was in front of me. I haven’t had time to go back and compare or fix anything!
      Just in case I am guessing wrong, please send me an email and I will attach the photo of the white camel shown in the post on the camel ride for you. Otherwise, let me know where to send it!


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